GREAT CARE! Nanny Maria's exemplary actions towards Princess Catherine's children brought fans to tears
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Louenna tells us about Nanny Norland's role in a family with school-aged children. The Norland Nanny's role will change as their responsibilities increase, although you won't get any less busy.

In the heart of the British royal family, where tradition and duty are intertwined, Maria Teresa was a pillar of support and care when Princess Catherine encountered many difficulties. The role of Maria, devoted nanny to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis became even more important as her steady presence ensured that the young Royals received stability and the nourishment they need during this challenging time while the children are now in school for the majority of the week at Lambrook.

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There's still plenty to do with the young Royals outside of school. Gone are the days of having to change nappies while pulling weeds, now we have to imagine Maria will spend her days juggling the trio's activities and homework schedule Maria Baralo often starts her day well before dawn to prepare for the bustle of activity that the Royal children bring in their meticulously planned morning routine to ensure that Princess Charlotte and Prince George's Prince Louis start their day with a casual breakfast. Served promptly with a balanced menu that meets the dietary needs of growing children with a mix of traditional British fair and nutritious options.

Lena tells us about Norland's role as a nanny in a family with school-aged children. A Norland Nanny's role changes as their responsibilities increase, although you don't get any less busy, she reveals. exposed to children at school during the day you are required to organize pick-up from school and planning the logistics for different pick-up times due to the organization of after-school sports and clubs is key to ensuring Each child has a filling breakfast to fuel them for a busy day at school and remember to send them to school each day in appropriate uniform or sports kit.

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Mentioning children's uniforms tells us children at this age are developing rapidly and will grow rapidly through growth spurts. The nanny's job is to make sure all clothes and shoes fit properly and are labeled properly. Hungry children are an important part of our role in liaising with School menus and planning ahead to ensure they don't have fish cakes for lunch and dinner. Education is the foundation of the daily life of young Royal Maria, who was educated at the prestigious Norland University and is adept at integrating educational activities to promote the intellectual development of Prince George and Prince George. Princess Charlotte, both are of school age.

Maria supervises the children's homework and additional learning assignments. She engages the children in activities that align with the school curriculum to reinforce what they learn in class for Prince Louie. Still in his formative years Maria incorporates fun sessions, these activities are designed to develop his cognitive and motor skills through storytelling and interactive play. Maria's approach is nurturing yet disciplined, ensuring that Lewis enjoys his learning experience while adhering to the NE AR structure necessary for him.

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Afternoons developed in the Royal household are filled with a variety of interactive activities that balance enrichment and discovery. Maria often takes the children to the vast Gardens of Kensington Palace, where they can explore nature, participate in physical activities and play outdoors. This time is important for physical development and provides a respite from the confines of indoor activities. Cultural enrichment is also an important component of their education. Maria organizes visits to museums, historical sites and art galleries, providing children with a broad and varied education. These outings are carefully planned to ensure security and privacy allowing the young Royals to experience the world outside the palace walls.

Teaching children to do things for themselves is a key principle for the new Orlando Nanny we expect Maria Baralo to be able to operate in this way and the Welles family Lena says promoting Independence is part of the role our teaching. Being responsible and using your initiative by praising these actions is key to your child's self-esteem. It can be as simple as making their bed in the morning or learning how to make scrambled eggs for breakfast, we become their teachers and what's more important is that we teach these skills rather than just doing it ourselves. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing the joy on a child's face when they achieve a task they couldn't do before.

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