Princess Catherine was heartbroken when she was forced to make a decision about Prince George's future
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The Prince and Princess were spotted visiting the school campus, sparking rumors about where Prince George will study. Last year, a source claimed that Catherine was worried about the day her son would have to leave home to go to boarding school, which had been accepted as part of the Royal Family's duties.

Princess Catherine was said to be heartbroken by Prince William's decision to send their son Prince George to one of the country's most prestigious boarding schools but came to terms with her Destiny. Prince William's father and Prince Harry's uncle are both Eon alumni and will join the prestigious Renown boarding school, where many members of the British royal family and a host of other notable figures have been educated. However, this decision did not come lightly to the princess who is said to love the British royal family very much. The close relationship she shares with her children and is deeply involved in their daily lives.

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The Prince and Princess of Wales were spotted visiting the campus last June, sparking rumors about where Prince George would study last year, with one source claiming that Catherine was worried about her son's birthday. she had to leave home to go to an approved boarding school as part of her Royal Service. Sources reveal that Catherine has long disagreed with her husband about sending their children away, although Catherine traditionally believes that sending them to such a stuffy place goes against all her efforts to present themselves. Modernize the monarchy according to Royal sources. The source added that she will miss George very much, she and William argued about it for years but in the end he won't move to Eon which is seen as an important step in Prince's preparation process, preparing for George's future role in the royal family.

Prince William and Princess Catherine are said to have spent considerable time discussing the best educational path for their son, balancing the expectations of the Royal Family with the personal development needs of a prince. children growing up in the modern world while the decision to send Prince George to Eon highlights Wales' commitment to Royal Tradition, it also highlights the special challenges they face and The Children growing up under a global gaze, William and Catherine are acutely aware of the pressures and they are determined to support George every step of the way Additional sources close to the couple confirm Catherine is reserved Long Harbor Direct about traditional boarding schools, especially in light of her own negative experiences of being bullied at a similar institution in her youth.

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The Princess of Wales is said to have prioritized being more nurturing and grounded. George's upbringing was likely to clash with William's belief in maintaining the tradition of the Royal Family studying at the etin. Prince William himself joined the prestigious Birkshire College in 1995, where he stayed during term time and often spent weekends with his grandmother, the late Queen Elizabeth at nearby Wior Castle although Princess Catherine May in the presence of her eldest son, they had a few more years to cherish his company before he went to Eaton as pupils usually started there at the age of 13 after moving Adelaide Cottage and won her last year in 2022.

The royal couple have moved all their children to neighboring Lamri school mentioning its convenience with a revelation that George can visit his family every weekend just like Prince William had done with his grandparents when he was a student as it was only a 9 minute drive from the CED Family House although this was like any concerns Mother Catherine was still worried about misses her young son a lot. Insider recaps but it seems like her family is being separated, people are also worried that William will ask for the remaining two children to be moved next. Catherine knows that this as part of her Royal Duties as the start of the school year approaches.

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The princess is said to be planning a number of personal projects and commitments to keep busy but friends say her main focus will always be on how her children are adjusting. Catherine was extremely supportive of George's Journey but naturally felt mixed emotions as any mother would share a family friend as Prince George's first term at Eden approached, everyone eyes will be on the young Prince and his famous parents as they navigate important Royal authority.

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