Princess Catherine attracted attention with her bold low-cut pink dress and Ruby Greville necklace
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Catherine commanded attention as she took center stage in a daring low-cut and alluring pink gown. To complement her stunning attire, she adorned herself with the exquisite Ruby and Diamond Floral Bandeau Necklace, a magnificent piece that enhanced her regal presence. With her captivating style and undeniable charisma, Catherine truly stole the show and left a lasting impression on all who beheld her.

The Princess of Wales again dipped into the late queen's jewelry box at a state banquet and she chose an item that hasn't been seen in public for decades. Catherine, Princess of Wales, made a stunning appearance at the solemn state banquet held in honor of the King and Queen of Spain. Wearing a stunning dusty pink Marchesa dress, she exuded elegance alongside Prince William and other senior royals at Buckingham Palace. The sheer coating adds a bit of mystery, leaving just enough to the imagination.

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Once again, Catherine chose to wear the iconic Welsh Lover's Knot Tiara, a timeless piece that she often wears to diplomatic receptions. Her favorite diamond and pearl earrings completed the outfit, showing off her refined taste in jewelry. The highlight of the night, however, was Catherine borrowing the late Queen's Bandeau necklace. This sumptuous diamond and ruby necklace, originally purchased from jeweler Boucheron, has a rich history.

It was a cherished gift from Lady Greville to the Queen Mother and was later passed on to Princess Elizabeth as a wedding gift. Featuring intricate diamond flowers and single rubies, the necklace formed a deep V shape, perfectly accenting her pretty pink Marchesa dress. Catherine's choice of a plunging V-neckline with scalloped lace shows off her bold side, a departure from her usual traditional cuts. Despite the attention she commanded, she gracefully stood in the background, letting Queen Letizia take center stage.

Her dress's sheer bell sleeves added a dramatic statement, beautifully paired with soft colors and delicate lace. As dictated by tradition, Catherine wore a tiara at the state dinner, the diamond and pearl Wales Lover's Knot, beloved by Diana, Princess of Wales. Completing her outfit were her precious diamond and pearl drop earrings, adding a touch of sophistication. It seems that Catherine wants to elevate her style when standing face to face with Queen Letizia, who is often compared on best dressed lists. Letizia, never shy about making a statement, wore an off-the-shoulder red dress paired with a sparkling tiara inherited from her mother-in-law, Queen Sofia.

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Queen Camilla's outfit was equally striking, highlighted by the stunning Greville tiara lent to her by the Queen - a precious heirloom from her late mother. Guests at the Spanish state banquet enjoyed an extensive menu, including Scottish beef and truffles in Madeira sauce. The opulent Ballroom of Buckingham Palace provides the perfect backdrop, with the enchanting melodies of the Countess of Wessex's String Orchestra filling the air. This white tie diplomatic reception serves as the social highlight of the year for London's diplomatic community, underscoring the pivotal role the royal family plays in the UK's international relations.

Overall, Catherine's look was a true testament to her impeccable style and grace, celebrating both tradition and her own unique flair, making the state dinner a memorable evening. Throughout the collection of posthumous jewelry we explored, characterized by an Art Deco aesthetic, there is a strikingly intricate diamond and ruby necklace. Unlike the others, this necklace embodies the swirly, floral, and romantic style that became popular during Maggie Anderson's marriage to Ronnie Greville in 1891. While many of her earlier jewelry pieces Maggie undergoes modern transformations, this particular necklace remains intact, retaining its distinct V-shape. shape and large drop pendant.

It was bequeathed to Queen Elizabeth in 1942, at a time when she loved floral and romantic jewelry. Surprisingly, the Queen Mother never wore this item, choosing to pass it on to her eldest daughter, Princess Elizabeth. In November 1947, Princess Elizabeth received the necklace as a wedding gift from her mother, and it was prominently displayed in news footage introducing the public exhibition of her wedding gifts. In a style popular in the late 40s and early 50s, the Queen shortened her diamond and ruby necklace to sit closer to her neck, creating an elegant look. During the early years of their marriage, Princess Elizabeth frequently adorned the necklace at soirées. In September 1951, just before embarking on an extensive visit to Canada and the United States, she wore this necklace to a film premiere in London, exuding regal elegance.

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Throughout her seven-decade reign, the Queen has occasionally worn this remarkable necklace. In a formal portrait taken in the spring of 1987, she paired it with the King George IV Diamond Tiara and Queen Mary Ruby Cluster Earrings, demonstrating the timeless beauty and significance of the This precious gem. Through the generations, the diamond and ruby necklace has transcended time, leaving a lasting mark on the Queen's regal wardrobe and the history of the British monarchy. Its enduring beauty is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of the era in which it was created.

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