Princess Catherine was spotted in tight jeans enjoying a playful moment with her dog in the picturesque gardens of Adelaide Cottage in Windsor
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Her Royal Highness Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, was recently spotted enjoying a playful moment with her dog in the picturesque gardens of Adelaide Cottage in Windsor. This charming scene not only showcases the Duchess's love for her furry companion but also provides a glimpse into her down-to-earth and relatable side, reminding us that even royals find joy in simple pleasures.

The Princess of Wales was spotted starting intensive whistling training with her beloved rooster. Royal sources said she was seen in The Gardens of Adelaide Cottage Windsor working out with her dog Lively looking super slim in tight jeans and a military style jacket Catherine went for a walk in the park plus just a few hours Ola was a working Cocker dog and not a show dog and was therefore bred to hunt Ola was Will and Catherine's second dog there.

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First Lup is an English cocker spaniel who passed away last year to celebrate Princess Charlotte's 7th birthday Catherine and Prince William have released three adorable new photos of their daughter, one of which is Charlotte Smiles with the family dog, a black spaniel, debuted in a Royal photo in July 2022. The Prince and Princess of Wales attended a charity polo match and brought along the Family Dog their family in their first public appearance as usual.

Catherine looked stylish in a long ivory dress with black details along the front and a black beige back strap with the smallest block heels which she paired with tortoise shell drop earrings and matching sunglasses for his role. William wore a blue and white shirt with the number four emblazoned on the back, white pants, and brown leather riding boots. William played in the Royal Outsourcing charity stool cup at the Guards Polo Club in the winter after the prince received a trophy for his and the princess's participation.

Hugging and sharing a cute cheek kiss Catherine and Prince William must be in love over the summer because the two Royals shared a sweet and rare moment of PDA during a charity polo match Katherine and sometimes three The couple's children often come to play all day outdoors while Prince William competes at the Polo games although they did not attend this year's event. Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louie attended the 2019 game with their parents.

The Royal children were entertained by a football on the sidelines when the family needed some time for some relaxing entertainment, they headed back to their car Prince George and Princess Charlotte were relaxing in the back back of the car with the trunk door open while Catherine sat with Louie on the ground. The royal family has long been known to be dog lovers and the queen owned many corgis. During the late Reign, her love for cgis began in her childhood after Her father King George V 6 brought home a Wells Ki pem puppy for the Royal Family.

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