Prince William beamed at announcing Prince George's milestone at Lambrook School, Princess Catherine proud
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The Princess and her siblings, Pippa and James Middleton, are all Marlborough grads, as is Prince William’s cousin Princess Eugenie. Over the summer, Prince George was also spotted with his parents on a visit to Eton College, where Prince William and Prince Harry went as teenagers.

Prince of Wales William was a charming local during his visit to Singapore but his wife, Princess Katherine, was noticeably absent from the whirlwind trip. We will unravel the real reason behind the princess's absence, including their eldest child. baby and why Prince George has a big week ahead in his speech at the US Global Wildlife Summit yesterday William apologized on his wife's behalf as he addressed his absence princess and reveals the real reason why she stayed in the UK he started with.

Prince William and Kate Middleton beam as they drop children George, Charlotte and Louis off at new school | Sky News Australia

I am delighted to be back in Singapore, 11 years since Catherine and I enjoyed a memorable visit here on behalf of my late grandmother on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee. William added and I should mention that Catherine was sorry she couldn't be here. is helping George pass his first big exam, making the crowd laugh while William doesn't elaborate on which exam his son will be taking. Young Royal may be taking his upcoming entrance exam to try to make it into something.

Among the country's top schools with tuition fees of 48 thousand a year, it is understandable that like his father and unel Har, the dedicated m 3 will be at home to support him during important exams during the week hey, best wishes to Prince gor and good luck in your exams at age 10, the heir to the throne must take an entrance exam to determine which high school he will attend when to 13 years old. George will complete two of the three steps of this process in November, the future King will take the IB multiple choice exam which will include verbal and non-verbal math as well as English, two and a half or The test is usually administered in October or November with age-appropriate scores.

Luckily, Prince George he'll probably only need to take the test once however he won't have completed the rigorous tests. Eaton will ask the student's current principal to provide a The report focuses on their personality preferences and learning skills. George will take another test in early April or late May next year. The exam will include an online predictive assessment of aptitude and academic achievement as well as a face-to-face interview at Eaton in July 20124. The palace will learn of Prince George's results. It's also quite difficult if you're not Royal. It's very competitive but I'm sure George will get in. Expect George to be quite a smart young man but he will be assessed and he will set exams.

Students who pass will be given a conditional offer and will have to retake the common entrance exam in their 8th year, his father was admitted to Eaton College then took the common entrance exam in June 1995, his uncle Harry was admitted the same month in 1998. Prince George will likely choose boarding house in his seventh year, a year before the common entrance exam assuming he gets a Conditional offer after his sixth year exams. However, the specifics of how George did will not be known as Eaton's policy prohibits anyone from making the Individual exam results public following previous speculation that George could follow in either parent's footsteps in Marlboro or Eaton in October when it was reported that Princess Katherine had visited the boarding school in Marlboro.

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The princess and her siblings, Pippa and James Middleton are both Marlboro graduates as well as Prince William's cousin, Princess Eugene during the summer, Prince George was also spotted with his parents during the visit Eaton College, where Prince William and Prince Harry went as teenagers. it is one of the most sought after schools in the world and starting 2 years early it is more of a secondary selection process even though Eaton is located close to the family home of Adelaide Cottage in Windsor it is a full of kids because Marlboro is co-ed by Princess Charlotte and Prince Lewis could potentially join George there one day, both Eaton and Marlboro currently cost around $20,000 per semester and have three semesters each year.

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